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Rxbxcca's Spotify Playlists

6 September 2017
I hope you guys had a laugh at my ridiculous edit of Elvis and I but his music really helped influence me when it came to all of my playlists! I love using Spotify and it's amazing - it is definitely my favourite programme to listen to music through. I love creating tons of playlists of different genres for different events and feelings, creating the covers is another love of mine. 

I decided to share my Spotify page with you all incase some of you have the same music taste as me but i also LOVE finding new music so we could share the music together! 

Here is a link to my Spotify:

My taste in music is very varied and has strong influences from my parents. My dad religiously listened to soul, RnB and 60's music when I was growing up whereas my mum was into Elvis, Johnny Cash, Whitney Houston and more current music and you'll see all of those scattered throughout my playlists. 

I have definitely grown into my own when it comes to music. I listen to indie, alt rock and 50's/60's music mostly but I adore Jazz, soul and pop music too! Listening to music is great as a stress reliever and i really rely heavily on it. Of course, anyone that knows me knows I LOVE Justin Bieber and have done since I was 13, his new music is incredible and he is automatically counted in my love for music as he was the first artist that really made me appreciate it as much as i do. 

Here is an example of some of my many playlists - of course i already have an autumn playlist and yes i'm already playing it!

Feeling like returning back to your emo days? Theres a playlist for that too (I got this gorgeous art of Brendon Urie off of Google)

This is my favourite playlist and is very 50's/60's and 70's inspired.

What songs are your favourite at the minute? Do you have a Spotify playlist - if so pop it in the comments below and I will give it a definitely listen. 

Over and Out,

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