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The PERFECT customised case? CaseCompany: City Marble review.

29 August 2017

Going to university or travelling far away from home is scary, nerve-wracking and makes you miss home like crazy! I am constantly looking for ways to help my homesickness and little did I know a phone case would be the answer.

Case Company contacted me about their new CityMarble cases. CityMarble according to the the website: 
Our new City Marble™ tool lets you personalise your phone case or laptop sleeve with your favourite places. Just enter the place name of your choice and pick one of our custom made filters. Zoom and position your map the way you want to to get a unique pattern to go on your case. Create a design that speaks for you.
This idea not only makes your case personalised but also one of a kind. I was thrilled to be contacted especially because I was feeling so homesick and I knew the case would remind me home (it was even a good reminder to ring my parents when I caught a glimpse). 

There are a ton of different brands to chose from such as iPhone, OnePlus, Samsung, Google etc. as well as laptop sleeves. I chose the iPhone 6/6s case and decided on the sleek full print case that had a matte finish. There are six filters available for you to chose from for the map. I was stuck between the options and considered the stunning colourful one before decided the sophisticated black and white filter called ArtDeco, it was very my style and looked classy (and expensive!) 

The process and website was easier than expected to use, i loved the filter options and i adored how i could add little Emoji's to my case. I decided to add a bit of colour with the Instagram style 'love' emoji which i think really spiced up the overall vibe of my case. 

Whilst my case did take a little while to arrive, the company where fast to respond to my emails and reassured me my case was on the way. It arrived in a very cute CaseCompany pouch, which adds to the overall style and value of the cases. The packaging contained some foam which was perfect so the case wasn't scratched or broken whilst being delivered. I love the look of the case, it fits my phone amazingly well and it's vibrant. 

The total cost of the case i chose was £18.70. I was sent this product for review thanks to the lovely people of CaseCompany so I got mine for free, but I think this is such a lovely idea for yourself if you're going travelling or moving away from home for the first time. It is also the perfect gift for friends or family also moving away due to it being such a thoughtful, personalised and great quality item. 

Again, huge thanks to CityMarble for sending me this gorgeous case, it stays on my phone a lot and has yet to break or scratch so i'm very impressed with this product!

If you're interested in buying a CityMarble case or just having a nosey over at how a case or sleeve would look then visit their easy to use website here: 

I want to know in the comments below: If you could travel anywhere in the world without limits where would you go?

I think my answer would stereotypically be Los Angeles or Italy but if i had no limits i'd definitely want to visit Atlantis (not the resort haha!) just to see if it truly exists!!

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