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All about nose piercings

5 June 2015

I've wanted my nose pierced since i was about 14 and i had let it sink to the back of my mind whilst i collected ear piercings instead! But i decided to finally get my nose pierced a few weeks ago with my friend Shannon!

The day arrived and I was filled with both fear and adrenaline i'd wanted it done for years but the aspect of pain terrified me. I went to my local tattoo shop which also offered piercings because i feel like they're most reputable! Before i got my piercing she sat me down to talk to me about the care of the piercing and to see if i had any questions, whilst i was trying to listen i couldn't take my eyes away from the man across from me getting a tattoo and sitting there as if someone was painting his arm with watercolours instead of a needle jabbing into his arm. 

That's another thing i've wanted for the longest time... a tattoo! But i can never stick to one idea! I do love the idea of a crescent moon, the outline of mountains in a circle, roman numerals .. the list truly goes on! I was even considering the outline of a pug dedicated to my beautiful fur children (yes i'm a proud 18 year old mother to two pugs!)

Here is my nose piercing: (You can barely see it!)

(Yes I have an american horror story t-shirt on, yes there are both a frozen and a TFiOS poster on my wall)

So let's get to it!

1) How painful was it?

We all take pain differently and of course it hurt I was getting a needle through my nose! For me it was the clamp they put on your nose that hurt the most, the pain i found numbed my nose so when it came to actually getting pierced i couldn't feel it. This sounds very dramatic but it did only last for 3 minutes and it was totally worth it!! People have different reactions to it, my friend Shannon said hers hurt afterwards and bled when it first got done (this is normal) whereas mine stopped hurting instantly and didn't bleed. I was quite lucky but it did feel sore the next morning but eased off throughout the day.

 2) What is best hoop or stud?

I really wanted to get a hoop (I mean i really wanted that badass affect a hoop would give me) but my piercer advised that i start with a stud as it makes healing easier and it's less likely to get caught on things. But this is completely your choice of what you want to get i eventually agreed  (reluctantly) to get a stud but i'm twitching to change it to a hoop.

3) How long should I wait to change my jewelry? 

4 months is recommended before changing your piercing but you can change it within 2-3 months. But if it still doesn't appear to be healed don't change it or if you're confused on how to change it or when you can always go back to your piercer and ask!

 4) Will I suit it?

Who is anyone to tell you if you will or will not suit a piercing! If you dislike your nose you have to think about whether or not it will draw unwanted attention (I dislike my nose a whole bunch BUT I think the nose piercing actually think it brings improvement to my nose!) Get a piercing if you want it unlike a tattoo a piercing isn't permanent and you can take it out if it doesn't look good! 

5) How to do I convince my parents to let me get it?

Be educated about piercings and show them you know how to look after it! You can even tell them you will pay for it yourself and that at the end of the day you can always remove it or put a clear stud in to hide the piercing!


If you have any more questions i didn't answer please ask away! But below tell me have you ever wanted a piercing you couldn't get? Have you got any piercings or do you want any?

I currently have 5 piercings! 3 in my right ear, 1 in my left (I know i need to get two more there to even things out) and my nose!

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported my blog by reading what i write, following me and commenting on my posts! I read every single one and i really am so thankful how quickly the blogging community has accepted me!

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