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Professional Bookworm

30 May 2015

credit to booksandblankets from tumblr!

Bad Blood

23 May 2015

I'm a firm believer in the truth and the truth is not everyone is your friend. 

Rose Gold Make-Up Tutorial

18 May 2015

Hi lovelies! Whilst i'm sure that you had enough up close angles from my 'Spoon Tricks Tutorial' i'm back with a rose gold makeup tutorial that is perfect for day time events such as weddings and parties!

How To Dye Your Hair Teal!

11 May 2015

Summer is coming up and this is the season for crazy hair colours! No school means that 1) no teacher judgement and you're allowed to dye it whatever colour you want and 2) if it goes wrong you have the summer to fix it! 

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