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UncommonGoods: Your new favourite gift buying website

11 September 2017

 UncommonGoods sounds like a lovely, chic website in which to purchase gifts but, it’s that and so much more. I was browsing the website and decided to learn more about them (curious as ever) and found that not only have they never sold products containing leather, fur or even feathers but that upon check out they give buyers the opportunity to choose a non-profit organization for the company to donate a dollar to! Over all they’ve donated over a million dollars since starting the program in 2001. They even give their full-time and most part-time team members health service and a fair wage, I found this amazing. After currently reading about America and how different their system is to the UK (where I live) I was shocked to hear so many Americans can’t afford healthcare so the very fact this company automatically gives it to their employees warmed my heart.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post but these opinions are all my own. I truly am inspired after reading about this company and I cannot believe how lovely and thoughtful they are to their employees, customers and other organisations.

They have different gift sections on their website such as graduation, wine, anniversary and personalised. 

All pictures below will be clickable and take you directly to the item!

Male Gifts
Men are SO hard to buy for! Every year I find myself sitting for hours trying to find a new and creative gift to buy the males in my life. This results in my dad and brother having matching socks bought for them at Birthday’s and Christmas, whilst I’m sure they appreciate the socks I always want to get them something better. UncommonGoods has so many different options so I’ve listed a few below and feel free to check out more of their ideas for men:

1.     Bluetooth Tracking Tag

This is GENIUS!! My dad is always complaining about misplacing his keys or the TV remote and with this little tag that moaning will cease. I love the sleek, wooden and masculine look of this tag – it looks expensive and it’s convenient what more can you ask for? It works through an app and works both through your tag and the app. So, if you've lost your phone you can tap the alert button on the tag and if you’ve lost your items with the tag attached you can use the app on your phone or iPad to find your items!

2.     Scotch Infused Toothpicks

This sounds ridiculous BUT how amazing would it be for the man who loves food, alcohol and unusual presents? It’s thoughtful and yummy; I read the story of the gift and it literally made me imagine the taste. This is definitely on the gift list for my dad and I know he’ll love using this after a birthday steak!

Wonderful gifts for women
Buying for women can be easy – books, makeup etc. But women massively appreciate thoughtful gifts and it’ll give you brownie points! I literally had to remind myself several times that I wasn’t browsing for me but for other people, there are literally so many different gifts that we’re spoilt for choice. Again, I’ve listed some of my favourite picks from this fantastic section but feel free to check out more of their ideas for women (you’ll be shocked with the variety):

1.     Links of Love Necklace

I love minimalistic designs so much so I was instantly drawn in to this sterling silver and gold chain. The thoughtful piece represents the strong connection of mother and child. I adored this idea; it’s perfect for sisters, new mothers, mothers and even best friends that may as well be family. My sister is a new mother (my gorgeous niece just turned 3 – how fast time goes) and I instantly knew that this is the perfect gift for her. I’m already foreseeing her crying over how meaningful this gift is without being too showy.

2.     Wishing Ball

This is one of those gifts you see and think about for a while after. I adore the idea of this, it’s a gorgeous hand-blown blue glass globe that comes with 52 slips of paper for you to write a message or a thought, coil them back up and put them in the globe where you can’t take them back out. This is stunning for anyone but could be a great idea for a wedding where the guests could write well wishes for the couple or the new couple could write things they love about each other in the globe. If the couple ever fight they can smash the globe and realise all the reasons they fell in love in the first place - it’s so charming!

Perfect Personalised Gifts
Personalised Gifts are the perfect way to go when on the hunt for presents for anyone. I love personalised items so much because it shows you went the extra mile when thinking about a present for a specific person and it makes it memorable. Looking to get your boss a gift and impress? This is the section for you. See more customisable gifts here!

1.     Game of Phones

The pun title instantly drew me in but then when I saw the actual background to the game I fell in love. The combination of the cards and your smart phone means you have a scavenger hunt type game to play – who can text mum or dad and get a reply first, who can find the weirdest google image etc. and whoever collects the most points wins. This sounds like the PEREFECT icebreaker for university and I wish I had it when I was going into fresher’s as well as the perfect game to play with your mates or family!

2.     Big Personality Desk Sign

I laughed as soon as I saw these. I’ve been watching a lot of the TV show Suits (anyone else?) and could picture this on the desks of Louis or Harvey. Not only are these funny but perfect for someone starting a new job, a coworker or even a family member with an office! They’re sassy and Cheeky making them the perfect gift.

Thanks for checking out another post. I really like the content on UncommonGoods and how many quality, personalised gifts they have on offer. Do you have any favourite items from the website and do you find gift buying hard? Let me know in the comments below. 

Over and out,

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