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10 Netflix TV shows worth binge watching

26 September 2017

I love TV shows and i've seen so many that it's quite embarrassing (sorry not sorry) so I decided that i'd throw together a list of some TV shows i've been loving and still love - Enjoy!

1. Thirteen Reasons Why
I know everyone's already seen it but obviously it had to make this list. There have been mixed reviews about the TV show due to its sensitive nature. TW: If you're struggling with mental health, rape and/or suicidal thoughts watch this show with caution as it may trigger you and it may do the same if you're recovering too. 

2. Reign
If you know me then you know I absolutely adore this TV show. I'm all anything historical with some drama but when you mix that in with a great set of actors (all of whom are stunning and great at what they do) and with a target audience of young adults it makes the show easy to binge and get in to. Sadly, it's finished but it has 4 great and fabulous seasons! I highly recommend and not just because I fancy Francis and bloody love Adelaide Kane. 

3. Suits
I also adore TV shows with romance, drama and lawyers and you guessed it, this show has all of that and more. It's based around Mike Ross, a lawyer, without the degree - It's still ongoing with currently seven seasons and theres a ton of twists and turns throughout - i've recommended this to friends and they've all loved it!

4. How to get away with murder
If you haven't seen this what are you doing!! This TV speaks for itself - it's incredible and an absolute must see. It is based around Annalise Keating, a lecturer at Harvard Law, her students (a few special ones in particular) and her law firm. It's got everything drama, murder, mystery, thrill and of course romance.

5. The Bold Type
Okay, so it may not be on Netflix but I had to include it as i've just finished it and it's amazing! I'm obsessed, it focuses around 3 women working together in a magazine and their lives out of work too. I love a good TV show based around powerful women and with humour who can argue?

6. Scandal
Again, another political/lawyer based TV show but this one is great and based around Olivia Pope. She's the ultimate badass strong woman who gets what she wants and doesn't let men boss her around. She has a scandalous relationship with the president of the United States whilst working for him as his 'fixer' that captured me from the very start.

7. Victoria
Another historical drama but this one is AMAZING and features around Queen Victoria and time in power on the throne and all the different tasks/challenges she faces along the way. The show just started it's second season so get watching!!

8. Shadowhunters
I was a sucker for this from the start due to my proclaimed love for the fantasy The Mortal Instruments books by Cassandra Clare so yes, I may be very biased but that doesn't stop my judgement in telling you it's an amazing TV show! There is a diverse cast both ethnically and sexuality wise which is refreshing in a young adults/teen programme. It features around Clary Fray and her path to discovering her past and her future as a Shadowhunter (my writing definitely is not giving this the credit it deserves). 

9. The OA
This TV show is weird, but in a good way. This was a random watch from me but i'm so glad I tuned in - it currently has finished it's first season but it's coming back for season 2 soon! Having gone missing 7 years ago, previously bling Prairie returns home and now in her 20's with her sight restored. Many believe it's a miracle but others worry she could be dangerous (IMDB).

10. American Horror Story
You all know about this one, it's a horror TV show made famous it's weird and strange plots but it just came back for it's election year season. This is obviously a sensitive topic and AHS makes it super scary and creepy - horror/thriller fans this is a must watch for you!

If you've read this far then you've made it to the end - congrats and thanks for sticking around as this was a long one! Do you have a favourite TV show that isn't on this list that you recommend to others or do you watch any in my list? Either way let me know below!

Over & Out, 

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