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Bad Blood

23 May 2015

I'm a firm believer in the truth and the truth is not everyone is your friend. 

Whilst this may be a challenging thing to understand, in life you're going to face a ton of ups and downs. Some of your downs will be shared with people you thought were your friends and of course you'll have gone through some ups with them too, but it's okay to think about these times. It's not that you even miss the person; you miss the memories. People leave our lives for a reason and it's okay to wonder what you're life would be like right now if they were still in it but you have to realise they left for the right reasons and you're better off. Even if you don't feel that way right now, you'll begin to realise everything is okay!

Sometimes, people aren't right for eachother. Whether that be in relationships, partnerships and friendships - not everyone works out. I've tried the whole 'awkward fall out' and the stage that follows that is even more awkward because you're trying to fix a fuse that has already been completely burnt out and it's not good for you. But it is good to leave people behind because you've got to stop yourself from drowning; drop the negative people in order to gain positive people in your life. You have to put yourself first!

It is beyond easy for someone to frame you as the 'bad person' in your friendship break-up but don't give in and just be the bigger person because you and the people around you know the truth and that's all that matters. Everything will work out in the end I promise! 

Also, the edit was truly ironic did anyone else see Taylor Swift's badass music video for Bad Blood?

So tell me in the comments below have you ever had a friendship turn sour?

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