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Happy Holidays!

25 December 2015

Hey Guys! It's that time of year again and my very first Christmas with my Blog so I wanted to come to you guys not with a product review or a DIY but simply just a holiday message!

The holiday season can be a tender season for some of us - many people don't have a family to celebrate with or for some people this is a delicate time of year as their loved ones aren't with us any more.  

Today is Christmas day and I hope everyone had a lovely holiday surrounded by family, friends, good food and company! I have to say I was very spoilt this year and it really made me think about how there are many people less fortunate than us and how this time of year is an amazing time for giving. Even after Christmas! If you don't celebrate Christmas then I hope you had a lovely month celebrating whatever tradition you celebrate! 

I want to do a 'What I got for Christmas 2015' but I don't want people to be under the impression that I'm bragging because I am very very lucky to have gifts and people around me who care about me. 

But enough about that, how was everyone's Christmas or Holidays? Did you have a lovely dinner and unwrap/give some lovely presents?

Happy Holidays!

Over and out, 

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