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3 December 2015


Shout out to Game of Thrones for that nice little quote!

But winter is well on it's way and in Northern Ireland let me tell you we can already feel it! It's been snowing and then raining on a endless cycle but it didn't keep me from going to my local Primark. 

Here I picked up two cosy jumpers, a pair of mom jeans and a necklace. It was a really mini haul but don't worry i plan on going back within the next couple of weeks for a huge haul (don't worry i'll keep you updated with that too!)

The first turtle neck jumper i purchased which is sitting on top in the picture above is beyond comfortable and a lovely nude tone (i'd be lying if i said i wasn't wearing it whilst i write this, it has quickly become a favourite) it was reduced to £4.90 and it's perfect, when i go back i'm honestly going to buy all the other colours! The second jumper just looked cuter on the rack and when i put it on i sadly looked like a potato, it did only cost £7.00 something and it is comfortable so i will get a lot of use out of it on lazy days around the house. 

The mom jeans i have found hard to style, yes they're all in right now but just nothing goes! I was wearing the turtle neck jumper from above tucked into them but even then it looked slightly weird so i am yet to have a fashion break through with them but i will. 

Have any of you broke into your winter clothes yet? Do you like cosy knits? 

I have to say Primark is the perfect place when you're on a budget but still want stylish clothes!

Over and Out, 

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