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Bust or Lust: Cheap Candle Edition!

7 December 2015

Bust or Lust?

Introducing a new series to the blog i'm naming Bust or Lust? Think 'hits and misses' just with a jazzy title lol! 

I love candles, always have always will. They look so pretty in a room when they're unlit and then when you light them they bring warmth and beautiful smells into a room!

Cheap candles truly are hit or miss but with these i already know without lighting them i'm going to love them. They give off a beautiful smell just from opening the lids! The packaging and containers are so cute and i love the colours. 

The White Tea and Peony scented candle is actually from Primark and only cost £1! A total bargain and it's well worth it too! It smells clean - like fresh linen, i wasn't expecting much from this candle and yet i got so much from it! Opinion? Total lust.

The White Rose and Blossom scented candle is from Tesco and costs £4. As soon as i smelt this candle i fell in love, i can't even describe the scent aside from it smelling really really good! I also think the tin it comes in is really cute so thats a plus, there are a range of different scents in Tesco but i really advise you smelling this one in particular. It's just stunning! Again i'm in total lust with this candle!

Does anyone else have cheap candles they love just as much as the expensive ones? Let me know in the comment section below because i'd love to check them out!

Over and out, 

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