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2016 Goals: Blog and Life

14 January 2016

Happy 2016 guys! Last year for some including myself wasn't the best of years so I hope this year brings something special your way.

It's been way over two weeks since I last blogged and I apologise I was spending time with my family and then i started back at college and was drowning in coursework! I still am, technically I'm meant to be completing two online courses right now but instead my heart is in blogging!

I decided that unlike last year my resolution was going to be organisation. I know how boring, but it's something I've needed in my life for ages and since I'm going to university in September I thought it'd make a big change if I started now. 

I decided that I was going to set myself some goals and make them public so that I stick by them so here goes nothing!

My 2016 goals for blog and life are:
  • To spend more time editing my posts and really giving them all I've got!
  • Take better and more aesthetically pleasing photos for the blog. (I've got such a thing for black and white lately!)
  • I want to make as many posts as I can that will both relate and help you guys out
  • Connecting with people is super important and I want to make a much bigger effort to reach out and talk to everyone who reads my blog a lot more!
  • I want to spend more time with my family before I head to university because we never truly appreciate things until they're gone
  • I want to help control my anxiety for university and do myself proud by saying yes to more things
  • I want to workout more and get healthy and fit
  • Giving myself and my thoughts a voice is really important to me this year as I feel like I have a voice for a reason and that deserves to be heard whether in the workplace or in everyday life
  • I want to learn to be more body positive towards myself and not hold back in terms of fashion and make-up 
  • I want to start a YouTube channel and maybe do some make-up tutorials!
  • I also just want to have a good time this year and LIVE!
So there are some of my goals for the year ahead and a lot of them I really want to take seriously and update you guys along the way. Do you guys have any resolutions or goals this year? If so leave them in the comment section below because I'd love to see what everyone has chosen!

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