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5 November 2015

As a broke student I was extremely excited when I heard Oliver Rousteing was doing a collaboration with H&M. It's all I could think about for days and when the price list was revealed it was still expensive but I knew I could try get my hands on at least one thing. 

As a bigger girl I knew that the GORGEOUS beaded dress and fabulous green dress just wouldn't fit me especially because I've read the sizes run small! I'm a bag lover - like totally obsessed bag lover. I've been eyeing up the rather expensive Louis Vuitton neverfull mm for years but when I saw the jade green Balmain bag for only £149.99 I knew I had to have it. 

I woke up today at around half 8 to prepare myself for the madness I knew was ahead. Come 9am when the site went live it had fully crashed and sent not only me but the whole world in to madness. The collection was only available in a few stores and unless you wanted to camp out and fight for your items it just wasn't worth the risk when I knew I could buy it online. Come 11:45am and I still couldn't get onto the website, a few angry tweets later I realised I could order over the phone!

After ringing about 18 times and getting told the line was busy I finally got through and was put on hold for around 14 minutes, this may seem like a long time but after waiting nearly 3 hours online it was SO quick and I was amazed they even had the bag left in stock. I spoke to a lovely girl over the phone (not too sure of her name) and we spoke about the craziness of it all etc before I got told my bag was there and I could be put through to buy it and within 4 minutes I was a Balmain x H&M bag owner! It was crazy, so now I'm just waiting on the bag to come in the post and I can't contain my excitement.

If you have the chance to snag some amazing Balmain beauties please let me know in the comments! 

For now I'm going to post some of my top picks from the gorgeous collection!

This long beaded jacket was rocked at the Billboard awards earlier this year by Kendall Jenner and retails for £299. Whilst the gorgeous beaded top is £349.99

The highlights of the collection are definitely these two dresses alongside the jacket and top from above. The gorgeous beaded mini dress will set you back £299.99 and the green deep v dress will cost £119.

 These Balmain heels are to die for and are practically the same as those from his main line! They cost £119.99 and the boots that have been seen on models such as kendall jenner etc cost £199.99

I LOVE the cream/white blazer and it is awfully similar to one in the mainline that we have seen the likes of Kim Kardashian in. It only costs £79.99 - crazy for a Balmain designed jacket. The leather jacket is totally badass and totally amazing but it will cost you £199.99

Above is the bag I chose to buy from the collection, it's a gorgeous jade green colour with gold coloured detailing and costs £149.99 whilst the statement necklace costs £49.99. I love the necklace it is totally Balmain and the matching bracelets are super cute too!

If you're planning on buying anything and the website is still down try their customer service - it's far quicker and just may secure you a gorgeous Balmain piece!

Sorry for such a wordy/picture heavy post! I never post anything fashion related but if you enjoy these types of posts let me know! Are you planning on picking anything up from the collaboration or have you already? Which is your favourite piece/pieces!

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