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Three easy make-up looks for Halloween!

27 October 2015

Halloween is just around the corner and whilst most people will have their costumes and looks sorted some like me are running late and need some quick inspo! I'm going to be showing you how to do a deer, Maleficent and a two face illusion! 

I am actually going as Maleficent for Halloween so I decided whilst I was practising for that I could show you guys how I'm planning on doing mine! My friends and I have decided to all go as villains for Halloween so of course I chose bad ass Maleficent Angelina style!

Most of the stuff for this tutorial you'll have besides from the white face paint! 

What you need:

  • White face paint
  • Pale pressed powder
  • Grey, Brown, light and dark purple eyeshadows
  • Brown eyebrow pencil
  • Black pencil and liquid eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Falsies 
  • purple/berry lipstick
  • make up brushes and a sponge/beauty blender

Let's begin!

First use a wet sponge (in my case a beauty blender) and dab that in some white paint I got mine for £3.99 then apply a light layer to your face. I say light because Maleficent is very pale not extremely white (I maybe went a tad overload!) Next, outline an upside down triangle then fill it in using black pencil eye-liner!

Now are the fun parts. The eyebrows are a big part of Maleficent's and any villains look because they're so arched to give a more 'evil' look. I first outlined my own shape and then when I started filling them in I gave them a sharp arch. 

Eye-shadow is next, first start off with purple in the inner corner of your eyes going up to the eyebrow to add depth. Then add a dark purple to your crease and top it off with black shadow in the outer corner and underneath your eyes. I then added some liquid eye-liner with a small flick!

The contour is HUGE in this look because from the inspiration pictures I used Angelina's contour game is definitely on fleek!  Start with a grey in the cheekbones and bringing it down in the same way you'd put your normal contour/bronzer, I then went over the grey with a brown just to make it look a tad bit more natural. 

Then to finish the look off I outlined my lips with black eye-liner making sure to make my cupids bow pointy, then i used the plum lipstick to fill inside the lines giving them a gradient effect then I added some thick false eyelashes and the look was complete! (yes I did Photoshop some Maleficent horns on to my head and no I don't regret it haha!)

Next is the deer!

To begin this look just start off with your normal foundation and concealing any flaws!

Then using liquid eye-liner I drew an upside down triangle on my nose to resemble a deer nose and then I applied some white face paint on the bridge of my nose and just slightly on my forehead similar to how you'd apply highlighter!

Then I applied brown eyeliner on the sides of my nose like i would if i was contouring making sure to go wider as i got near the bottom. I went over my eyebrows with the same eyeliner and connected them to the lines. Then i added some long white triangles under my eyes to make them appear similar to 'bambi' eyes. Bronzer is really key in this look so i heavily applied it on my forehead and down my cheekbones before using a pencil brush and the same white face paint to add some circles to my cheeks and forehead.

I then added white on my brow bone and then added some black into the crease. After this I did a thin eye-liner stroke and added some thick eyelashes (I got mine from my local pound store!) Then I added a line under my nose connecting to my lip before filling in my top lip with some black eyeliner!

And you're done! (Ignore my minnie mouse ears - I used them as a headband throughout!) if you really want to complete this look add some twigs to your hair in the shape of antlers! 

Two illusion face!

I was SO inspired by Promise Phan with this look who is the queen of make-up. This one looks a lot harder than it actually is, I thought about doing a tutorial for this look but Promise definitely explains better than I do! My tips would be to make sure if you have dark brows like me to apply powder last because I applied it before my second face and it meant that drawing the eyebrows on with eyebrow pencil was so hard! I also suggest that you use the same eyelashes on your fake eyes and real eyes but I had run out!

Have you got your Halloween makeup and costume sorted? Would you try any of these looks? Let me know in the comments below!

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