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How To Dye Your Hair Teal!

11 May 2015

Summer is coming up and this is the season for crazy hair colours! No school means that 1) no teacher judgement and you're allowed to dye it whatever colour you want and 2) if it goes wrong you have the summer to fix it! 

How to dye your hair teal!

I have wanted to dye my hair teal for a while and my insecurity often stopped me but then I realised i'm the only one who needs to be happy with my hair and no one else with this realisation (which was quite spur of the moment) I ran to my local sallys and picked up crazy colour dye in the colours: 
  • Capri Blue
  • Pine Green

Step one - lighten your base!

Lightening your base is important as it means the lighter it is the brighter the colour will be! My hair was already a gingery blonde that you can see from my pool green hair fix post so all i did was buy a cheap bleach kit from my local shop and do my roots to prepare!

Step Two - Mix your colours!

I used around 75% pine green and 25% of the blue to try and get my perfect colour! I tried the Pine Green without mixing in a strand test and found out that it wasn't for me this leads me on to the next step...

Step Three - STRAND TEST!

In all honesty i am a person that doesn't usually strand test (not advised) but i did this time because going all over teal is a huge commitment so i wanted to make sure it was the perfect colour for me. I picked a piece of hair at the back of my hair so that if it went wrong (which it did at first) i could conceal it!


Sorry for my red face but it's cold here in the UK so that explains it! Apply evenly and in sections! I made my lovely sister Stacey apply my hair dye making sure not to miss any bits and waited (that sounds too calm... more like stressed) the 20-30 minutes until i washed it off!

and voila!

(Yes i look like a ninja turtle in the first but i was half blinking!) (also yes that is a 1975 phone cover!) I kind of liked it but i hated it at the same time. I'm very self-conscious and i thought this teal hair was just going to draw so much attention to me and i was terrified to go out the door with it! My anxiety didn't help either (i will do another post on anxiety because it's a huge subject that itself needs talked about!) so i decided to go back to brown..

Here it looks pretty covered after one dye but the ends were still dark green but i could cope with that and go outdoors with it! This weekend i dyed it again using a dark brown box dye and it covered it perfectly! I learnt a lot during this experience i wasn't as ready as i thought to do the whole crazy hair colour thing but i feel like if you want to do it go for it! It's just hair it can be easily dyed if anything goes wrong! I also want to include a small disclaimer - I am by no means a professional hairdresser and i have no clue what i'm doing but i just wanted to share my experience with all of you!

Below tell me if you have ever wanted to dye your hair crazy and what colour you'd go if you could?

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