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Rose Gold Make-Up Tutorial

18 May 2015

Hi lovelies! Whilst i'm sure that you had enough up close angles from my 'Spoon Tricks Tutorial' i'm back with a rose gold makeup tutorial that is perfect for day time events such as weddings and parties!

What You Will Need:

  • Lancome Teint Miracle in Ivoire 2c
  • Covergirl ready set gorgeous concealer in fair
  • Rimmel Wonderfull Mascara in Black 
  • A nameless liquid eyeliner.. any will do!
  • Rimmel Kate scandaleyes shadow stick in Rose Gold
  • Stay Matte Powder in Silky Beige
  • Ohh! Tan so fine bronzer in 001
  • Mac lip liner in Nice 'N' Spicy
  • Eyebrow pencil from Rimmel in Dark Brown
  • Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint And Pencil in Brownie Points
  • Estee Lauder Lipstick in Pink Parfait
  • Estee Lauder Palette (I used eyeshadow Lavish Mink and Peach Passion blush)
  • Beauty Blender
A long list I know! As i was at my mums and only had half of my makeup with me i had to skip on my favourite matte lipstick from mac in shade Mehr and my Mineralize Skin finish! But shoutout to my mum for letting me use her Estee Lauder products!

I did this look previously for a friend's 18th birthday party at a nightclub but to make it go from night to day i added a pair of falsies, more bronzer and some darker shadow underneath my eye and voila! I was ready to go!

Step one:


Make sure your entire face is clean and you have moisturised/applied primer! I actually never use primer even though i should are there any good recommendations? (Sorry for the terrifying bare faced picture above but i want to show you how red my skin is and i have a LOT of spots even though thankfully they don't show up too much)

Step Two:

Foundation is a vital step for me due to my red complexion (If you don't wear foundation or use powders then skip this step and do it your own way!). I start by wetting my beauty blender (life saviour) and dipping it into my favourite foundation I apply dabs across my face before making sure to blend evenly (don't forget your neck - I always do!) After this I take my concealer and do a triangle shape, I did forget to take a picture of this step but here is a picture that is similar.

Bonus step:

My upper lip has been a huge insecurity of mine as it is a lot smaller than my bottom and i feel self-conscious about it but until i found the lining your lips step through non-other than Kylie Jenner! So i felt like giving it a go and since then im obsessed! I'm sorry to those who think this is ugly but i do it for my own self-confidence and if you don't like it you don't have to wear it.

To begin i take a lipliner any will do I used Mac Nice 'N' Spicy (this is pricey and i only invested whilst on my Canada trip so another alternative is Rimmel Lip Liner!) I then slightly overline my lips being careful not to do it too far as your lip line will be visible in the light. I then colour my entire lip in and apply any MATTE lipstick! (Matte is important as it won't put a shine on your lips)

Step Four:

If you're like my sister and hate thick/filled eyebrows then skip to step five! Again another insecurity of mine are my eyebrows, although my hair is naturally dark my eyebrow hairs are very light brow and I do get them tinted! But i am due a tint so for now i am filling them in. Also my lipliner looked so dark brown at this point so this is when i added the Pink Estee Lauder lipstick to brighten it a tad.

 To do this i start 3/4th's in on the bottom of my brow and draw a line until i hit my arch then i do the same uptop before joining them to the tail.

Tip: Always be sure to have your arch/tail darker than the rest of your eyebrow!

If you would like a full tutorial with pictures let me know below as it's actually quite hard to explain.

I also did my bronzer here and forgot to take a picture but i basically placed some on my jawline, cheek-bones and forehead! If you're not sure where your cheek-bones are or if you need help with bronzing i included a step in my spoon beauty tricks.

Step Six:

Looking at that picture i know exactly what you're thinking... what the hell??? But that is the beginning to our next step! I used the Eyeshadow stick and did the shape above (not sure what i'd describe it as) and you leave it there...

Kidding! Grab a blending brush (or your finger!) and blend, blend, blend! This will make the above look more normal and natural. Whilst i could have happily left it there i decided that i needed to darken the look just a bit.

(Also my hairstyle seems to change in every picture... it was wash day and it just didn't look as great as it could have in pics) You can see the blend above but i added a dark colour in a triangle shape to my outer corners and then blended some more - but because my eyes are naturally hooded this is usually something i steer away from but i'm kind of digging it at the minute!

Step Seven:

Now we're looking more normal! I added my eyeliner - if you find this difficult look here

Eyeliner is a key feature to this look as it's really is more about defining your eyes and making them pop which is why the lip is quite neutral. I also applied some blush just above where i applied my bronzer and applied some mascara. I would usually apply false lashes here but i forgot to bring them with me to my mums house - she did give me a pair from my local pound shop that were great so i'd recommend them (if i find the brand name i'll include them either here or in my next post)


(Sidenote: My neck only looks a different colour because of the bad lighting)

Please comment below if there are any other looks you'd like me to try out or if you tried this look out send me some pictures i'd love to see!

- Rebecca xoxo -

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