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27 March 2015


If any other blondes out there have this trouble then look no further!
Since i am a recent fake blondie/ginger i had never came across the pool-green problem until I took a swim in a chlorine pool.

I was beyond shocked that i had now got a 'dip-dye' green affect on my hair that i definitely wasn't looking for. After researching I came across a few methods and they actually worked! I never have to worry again and neither do you! If any of you blondes are holding back on taking a dive get set and go because with this little hack you'll be ready for a summer filled with chlorine/copper filled pools!

What you will need:

For the tomato method:

  • Tomato Sauce (any will do but i used Daddies)
  • Tinfoil 

For the lemon method:

  • Lemon juice! (I got mine from Tesco for 50p)
So in the picture the green doesn't look as bad as it did in real life... let me tell you it looked like i was green with envy!

So the tomato method i used worked .. kind of. It wasn't a holy grail! The reason i'm blogging about it is because it did lift some of the dark green colour i had but not all of it so it may work if you only have hints of green.

So grab your ketchup (brand doesn't matter!) and squirt a dollop into your hand and massage into where is green. Thankfully only my ends had turned green but if it is further up your head get a friend to help to make sure you didn't miss a spot!

As you're going along make sure to section your hair and then put them in tinfoil like so:

This helps keep heat in the hair and also means it doesn't go all over your clothing! In the picture above i'm wearing an All Time Low band t-shirt i got at their concert a while ago and my nightgown (hey - i'd just woken up and was terrified about the green shrek hair!)

After that leave it on for around 40 minutes or just watch a movie. I left mine on for a while whilst i was doing things around the house then rinsed my hair until the water ran clear and shampooed and conditioned. (The ketchup will dry into your hair and make it seem sticky/straw like but this comes out as soon as you rinse it!) I noticed after around 2 hours the green still hadn't all gone so i knew i had to try something else. 

My bestie Kaytee (Find her here) who has been blonde for years told me that lemon juice was the way to go. So with my hair in a towel I drove to the nearest tesco with another bestie and made her run in and get some!

Once i had gotten the holy grail of pool-hair i applied it straight away to all of the green bits and waited until i noticed it fading (this can happen in minutes) then i rinsed it out and dried it without shampoo etc.


Not a hint of green in sight i was beyond overjoyed! I hope this was helpful to some of the blondies of the world and even those with blonde friends who are prone to this issue!

Have you ever had a green hair disaster? or even a pool disaster? Leave it in the comments below and make sure to tell me if this works for you!

-Rxbxcca xoxo-

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