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Spoon beauty tricks!

15 March 2015

Spoon Beauty Tricks! 

Ever wondered how to get a sleek cat eye? Or a fabulous contour? Well wonder no more! Here are some tips and tricks (using a spoon) to make your beauty regime even easier.

Here is what you will need:
  • A spoon
  • Your favourite mascara (I used they're real! and Estee Lauder)
  • An eyeliner (preferably liquid but i ran out so i had to use pencil also by Estee Lauder)

1) Use a spoon to soothe spots!

This tip works wonders and is so effective! You want to make sure that the water you're using is lukewarm (make sure it is not too hot). You can either run the water over the spoon or find a mug and fill it with the water and dip your spoons into it. Once the spoon is warm testing this on the back of your hand is advised! place the spoon in the desired area or where your spots are and hold it there. This should release some redness at the same time!

2) Use a spoon to apply lower lash mascara

If you're like me and hate getting mascara on your skin then this tip is perfect! I refuse to buy lower lash mascara that is usually quite expensive! Just place the spoon under your eyes and apply - this saves time and money.

3) Use a spoon to contour!

Contouring is already hard enough using a spoon can help you get some sleek cheekbones! Contouring is a great technique and when done right can look totally amazing. Take your spoon and put it either above or below your cheekbones and use your favourite bronzer (mine is the sleek bronzer/highlight kit!) and brush on. Remove the spoon and blend - this will look effortless but so effective!

4) How to cure puffy eyes using a spoon!

We've all woken up with the dreaded puffy eyes this can be hell if we're in a rush! Putting 2 of the spoons in the fridge/freezer then applying to the underneath of your eyes from the inner corner to the left. This can help you get rid of the puffiness!

5) Applying eyeliner with a spoon

Now this is a holy grail. I found my life so much easier with this trick as i am always annoying when one flick is a different angle than the other!

 1) Start by applying the long bit of the spoon to the corner of your eye and move to wherever you would like your flick.

2) Then take the spoon and start from the middle of your eye then to meet the line we have just drawn and connect and fill in!

3) place the round side on your eye but leave a gap where you want the liner to go and colour in.

So there you go! There is a few tips and tricks to help with you regime! If you find any of these useful or have any tips leave them in the comments below!

- Rxbxcca xoxo -

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