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Canadian Haul/March Favourites

14 April 2015

Canadian Haul/March Favourites!!

Hey guys!

So you're probably wondering where i've been for the past two weeks and well i've been in Canada! 

Canada has been a dream of mine since i was around 10 and when i began to love Justin Bieber that desire to go to Canada grew and grew so on the 31st of March i jetted off to go see the country of my dreams and whilst i had fun... i had to shop! I decided that i owed you guys a post no matter how jet lagged i am so i decided to do a mini-haul post/favourites of last month so please enjoy!

The first shop i ran into was of course sephora (I've dreamt about going there for so long) i only got two items but the experience was great.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

The first item i got was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the shade Caramel.
I first was drawn towards a lot darker colours but i asked one of the friendly staff and they pointed me in the right direction. (I had forgotten i'd lightened my hair!) They tried the product on me and after lusting for it for months i was so happy that it wasn't just an overrated product, it is a great product and so natural looking!

Lancome Teint Miracle Bare Skin Foundation

The second product I got was the Lancome Teint Miracle Bare Skin Foundation. I was in need of a foundation because i had the wrong shade and decided i wasn't going to buy another foundation until i went to Canada where i could splurge. So i decided to take advantage of their Sephora + Pantone color iq and get matched! I can't remember the code but i was given the shade Ivorie 2C which was slightly lighter than the shade i was matched to but it was advised by the Sephora worker so i got it and i haven't looked back!

Wild and Breezy Body Mist


I went into Victorias Secret with the mission to buy some nice smelling products not their over-priced underwear! I fell in love with their body mists and picked one up for me and one up for my sister (not pictured as she has it and is in love with hers too - in fact shes going online to buy more!)


I've never had a Mac product in my life because it's quite pricey... that didn't stop me getting jealous over all the youtubers that used them! So i decided whilst i was in canada i needed to get some things so i decided on a Mineralize Skin Finish, A Lipliner and A Lipstick! The lipstick isn't pictured as i left it in my sister's handbag but it was the shade Mehr.

This skinfinish was definitely a splurge for me but well worth it i use it just as i would a highlighter!

Next, is the nice'n'spicy lipliner (sorry i wrote lipstick by accident in the picture) i love this shade and its totally Kylie Jenner. (Let me know if you want a Kylie tutorial or any reviews of these products!)


(The skin finish is hard to see but is really really good the picture doesn't do it any justice)


So i'm the biggest book lover around and i couldn't help myself but to buy books abroad! Here is a few examples of them! The polaroid book, After ever happy (don't judge me i know the series is awful!!) and Serena! (I'll keep you informed if they're any good!)

Oahu Coconut Sunset Gel Lotion

Bath and Body works for me was a must i got a bit carried away in there but this is one of my favourite smelling products i got. I got a lot more things but i gave them to my family/friends - this smell is amazing i wish this was a room spray!

EOS Lipbalm

I love these little lipbalms and just had to add to my collection of one - these smell amazing and keep my lips hydrated and not chapped!

The 1975 CD

Whilst this isn't a new CD it is my ultimate favourite and everyone should check it out! If you haven't heard of The 1975 go listen now!! Matty Healys voice is amazing.

And thats it for now! So again sorry for my absence and i shall be keeping up to date from now on. In the comments below please tell me if you'd like a review of any of these products and tell me if you have any products i should check out! 

- Rxbxcca xoxo-

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