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Got a secret to spill? Look no further than the vent app.

16 March 2015
 (Screenshot taken from

Hey guys! I know what you're thinking ... why am i posting again after i only uploaded yesterday? The answer lies in the new app that i have just found!


With that tagline we are instantly drawn in wondering what this app could possibly do. So let me tell you!

Vent is a social media app where users can anonymously vent their feelings to others and receive support and comments. There is an option where you can post a 'vent' under an emotion there are 6 feelings these are: 


And whatever emotion you are feeling from a list above you click into it and there are specific feelings. I know this sounds confusing but it's easy! For happiness there are 5 types:


If you're still confused (you probably are because at my rubbish attempt at explaining) here is a picture:

On sign up you will need to provide an email address but don't worry this isn't displayed! You then go on to chose a username this can be your actual name or if you want completely to be anonymous you can just chose a random name!

 The vent website says: 

"Vent is an anonymous social network designed for people to connect, share and express some of the more frustrating aspects of life. Voice your opinion to our supportive community without the worry of being insulted or disrespected, de-friended or upsetting people you know."

I am part of the vent 'community' and i see nothing but positivity from the users boosting others about everything from school, love to life. Some share inspirational stories that leave a lasting impression on you and some share things you can relate to! Whenever you see a vent you have the option to comment, favourite, 'wtf', 'omg', 'lol' and hug. A lot of the time a hug on this app can mean the world to people as it shows that they have the support of others whilst they go through a difficult time.  You get 'Listeners' these are like followers and your vents show up on their vent feed and you can 'listen' to others aka follow them. 

The user base i have found is around high school/university age as there are a lot of vents about school but there are vents about everything from parents to partners and this doesn't stop people not in this category joining! 

This app is a good and a healthy way to express how you feel. You can get some supportive comments to help you in a angry or a sad time and if you feel in a helpful mood there are always people on vent you can talk too. Searching online to see other reviews of the app i saw that there are comments calling it a 'digital burn book' but i have to disagree. This app is a positive place and i have been on it consistently since i discovered it! Not giving my username away because i also want to be anonymous in my vents! ;)

This wasn't sponsored in any way i just had to express my love for this app and i think it can help many people who are going through a rough patch and could use a little guidance from people who may have gone through the same thing! 

Well done Vent you're definitely in my 'app favourites'.

So in the comments below tell me if you're going to check this app out or if there are any apps you think are great please share below i'm always on the search for more apps!

Over and out!

- Rxbxcca xox -

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