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What 2017 has taught me

6 October 2017

I know what you're thinking; it's nowhere near the end of the year and therefore not a time to reflect on what 2017 has taught me but i've been feeling a bit sentimental and reflective lately. It could be turning 21 or just starting another year at university in a new house but I felt the need to share all the things i've learnt this year and hopefully you can relate to these too!

I've been in my head too much since I was about 16 so I tend to really overthink things a lot, as many of you know I have anxiety disorder and it's tough sometimes. But, when I feel less anxious it gives me time to think and really value everything! SO, after that blabble here are something's that i've realised and has helped me have a great 2017.

1. Things don't matter like I used to think they did
This one only recently struck me, I was so concerned with having the latest thing when i was younger in case i looked uncool even if this meant being broke 24/7 and i'd think falling out with a friend was the end of the world but growing up has taught me that things don't matter that much and we should just take each moment as it passes. 

2. Take time to replenish
Okay, this is important. Don't overexert yourself thinking you need to go to every event or everything someone invites you to - sometimes it's cool just to take time for yourself. 

3. Don't take everyone's burdens upon yourself
Big one for me but trying not to take everyone else's worries on top of your own is important and will really help your mental health. Of course, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't help friends but be mindful of yourself too!

4. Think of yourself more
This follows nicely after the point above, you're important too and you deserve time to be okay - you deserve to put your own feelings first sometimes too. Self-love is key and whilst it takes time to get there you will!

5. Ditch toxic people
Thanks 2017 for this one!

6. Be thankful for those who have stuck around through thick and thin
Again, another great follow up but those that have been there for you always are the people you should cherish. 

7. Even when you can be mean in a situation try to be nice

8. Remember, not everyone has had the same experiences as you
This is a big one as you may not realise it but we can all accidentally offend people. Not everyone has the opportunities you've had for example, someone may not have been able to travel for the summer whilst you did - don't point it out like it's a big deal they didn't go anywhere maybe ask what else they did instead of travelling!

9. Be empathetic

10. Consider others point of view, not just your own

11. STOP feeling guilty!
This is something I need to learn too but I feel like 2017 has taught me that I need to stop having such a guilt complex and think of myself first!

12. Take it one day at a time
And finally, taking things one step at a time is important you don't want to completely freak yourself out before things are even a big deal. 

What has 2017 taught you so far or do you have any life lessons? If so i'd love to hear them down below!

Over & Out, 

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