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How to pluck inspiration for blogging

29 March 2016

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Happy Easter holidays to all those who celebrate it! 

Hello and sorry for my lack of posts, I've actually been quite the busy bee and sadly blogging had to pushed to second place. I'm currently applying for university and matched with my anxiety it wasn't going too good for a while but now I think I've came back around the the idea! I'm hoping to study Communication and Media which sounds super interesting to me - have any of you been to uni or are in uni? Let me know what you studied in the comments!

Blogging can sometimes be hard if you can't pluck inspiration and I know a lot of bloggers including myself don't want to put out content that our hearts isn't 100% in! 

1. Optimise Social Media

See what is causing a buzz online and write about it - this is a good tip as it will cause a lot of buzz around your blog from people desperate to know more! Tumblr and Facebook are perfect for this.

2. Lists

Lists will be your best friend! I'm quite the procrastinator so I find writing lists when I'm feeling inspired can really help. I often start off with a check list in order of importance and sort those things out first and then I have the perfect time to relax and blog! You can create a list of what you want to talk about and from there come up with post ideas. 

3. Know what you want your blog to say

I went through a phase where I was unsure what I wanted my blog to be about until I decided it's best for it to be about things that interest me and I know will interest some of you guys! I've chosen beauty, lifestyle, pop culture and media! When you write about something that interests you, the ideas will flow!

4. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is great at helping you discover ideas to blog about and even start a 'Pinterest hacks tried and tested' series! You can create a board and put all your ideas there so you can go back and take a look if you ever need the boost.

5. Schedule 

If you're having a burst of blogspo (we'll coin that term from blogging and inspo put together haha!) then write multiple posts and schedule them so when you're having a down day but know you need to post you'll have content previously written. 

Those are some of my tips for how I get inspired when blogging, if anyone else has any more tips please share them in the comments below I'd love to get even more inspired! Also how is everyone planning to spend their Easter holidays? I know some of my family are in Ireland whereas i'm at home in Northern Ireland with some good movies and good friend company!

Over and out,

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