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6 amazing Kylie Lip Kit dupes!

31 March 2016

Everyone will tell you Colourpop is the best for the dupes and in all honesty they probably are but currently they don't ship to the UK and so I'm stuck! The lip kits are getting harder and harder to buy with them selling out in seconds which is an amazing achievements - congrats go out to Kylie!

I put in an order with Lime Crime and discovered some of the colours I had are really great dupes for the lip kit!

Here are the swatches of the Kylie Lip Kit that I have borrowed from YouTuber 
Tiffany Bianca

The first I found to be a dead ringer was Salem for True Brown K!

Shroom could dupe for Dolce K

Bleached could dupe for Koko K or Candy K


Wicked could dupe for Mary Jo K


Cashmere could dupe for Candy K or Dolce K

Faded could dupe for Posie K





Sorry for being so picture heavy but what do you think? 

Let me know below and also has anyone been lucky enough to get a lip kit?

Over and out, 

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