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Wearable drugstore Lady Gaga 2016 Super Bowl make-up tutorial

14 February 2016

Lady Gaga's eye make-up from the 2016 Super Bowl is all anyone is talking about in the beauty world so I thought why not do a more wearable look for a date night or going out with friends considering it is Valentines day today! So Happy Valentines day lovelies!

This look was actually quite easy to do and I didn't apply glitter like Gaga had on simply because I couldn't find eye glitter/shadow in any shops I looked in! So I think that this is a much more wearable make-up look where if you wanted to go full out glam you can always add the glitter I would recommend investing in a mac pigment if you like glitter looks - Red by Mac looks like it'd be perfect for this look. 

What I used for this look:

I applied my base like usual: primer, foundation, concealer and powder. I then applied bronzer under my cheek bones and added highlighter on top of them to really help them stand out. I wanted to add blush to make my skin look glowing so I applied this slightly over the bronzer I applied previously. 

The main focus of this look are the eyes! I always apply primer but I forgot this time so make sure to apply it if you want your eye shadow to last longer! The first thing I did was apply a mix of the red shades from the Technic and Sunkissed and applied it to my crease in a v shape bringing the eye shadow out towards my brow (cellotape is perfect to create that strong line but in this case I just used a wipe to make my line straight). 

I couldn't find a brighter red to put on my lid so I tried with a lip liner and it worked out extremely well! I applied it all over my lid and then blended it with a fluffy brush. I then applied the colour from the Technic palette wet over the lip liner.  I applied a lighter colour on my brown bone, then drew a thin line of eye liner on my lid with a slight flick and then generously applied mascara whilst wiggling it through my lashes to make them longer! (use lashes for a more dramatic effect). I then filled my eyebrows in using my brow pomade and applied Afternoon Tea by Tanya Burr on my lips!

Before and after blending the lip liner and applying the shadow over top

And there you have it a wearable Gaga inspired look! 

Thanks as always for reading my blog it means the world to me 

Over and out,

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