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DIY: Ombre Hair

24 July 2015

To ombre or not to ombre?

I know I seem to always be dying my hair! In my short time of having this blog i've had 4 different hair colours (including my new ombre). I'm a broke student so that means that when i want a hair change I have to take matters into my own hands and usually it actually turns out okay - but I do have to have a lot of guidance from hair tutorials but with ombre that isn't the case. I did my first ombre when I was 17 and have had the hair colour around 4 times (i keep going back to it!) so i'm pretty much an expert at dying my own hair but for others dying your own hair is terrifying!! (Like cutting my own hair terrifies me so I haven't ever attempted that!)

Okay so on to the tutorial. Here is what you'll need:

  • Wella highlighting kit that comes in a blue box - i feel like highlighting kits do a better job than box blonde dyes! It was around £6.50 from Tesco. 
  • Two bobbles/hair-ties
  • A brush
  • Old t-shirt & Towel
  • Your own hair (lol!)
Once you have checked all those things off of your check list then you're ready to go.

Brush your hair completely so that it's free of any tats and split it evenly down the middle and tie the bobbles where you'd like the ombre to stop. I like mine quite high so i did mine like this:

I then proceeded to mix the bleach:

I didn't get any other pictures of my dying process as i couldn't take them due to my hands being covered in bleach. But what i like to do is coat everywhere from the bobble down checking in between strands to make sure i've coated everywhere generously. 

I then take the two bobbles out and take strands and use my finger to add a little bit more bleach then blend it in using my fingers making sure i rub up and down so theres no harsh lines. I prefer to do this to each strand as i can make them different lengths and make it look much more natural! 

Make sure you've got everywhere coated and blended before leaving it in foils or a plastic bag to keep the heat in for the required time then simply wash it off using only conditioner! If you find your hair has gone orange or brassy use a toner (you can get these in boots, sally's or tescos).

Then make sure to use a purple conditioner and shampoo as this will help keep the orange tones out of your newly blonde hair! 

Then that is you finished and enjoy!

This is my finished result:

Any questions feel free to leave me a comment and let me know! Has anyone else ever had the urge to go ombre or done it before? Let me know below!

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Over and out, 

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