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18 June 2015

I've always wanted to do a room tour but i decided that i was going to wait until i was finished with my bedroom. But, i think i'm going to redecorate it all together that won't be for a while so i thought i may as well show what i have so far! Beware this will be quite picture heavy!

I know a 18 year old with a Frozen poster is weird but i can't hold back on my disney love! I have a dream catcher that was my sisters but i stole years ago and she's kind of gave up asking for it back. I have no idea where my bed covers are from but i know i've lost the cases so i definitely need to buy a new one! I have a map on the wall with pins in the countries i've been too and a 2012 Jack Wills Poster! The other posters i've had for years and i especially love the Sherlock one!

These are just little things i have in my room. A snapback Kaytee aka brought me back from LA a few years ago, A pink bag to hold my polaroid camera, a small bag and two plaques with some cute quotes on them i got for really cheap!

I love my mint green record player (if you couldn't tell that's my favourite colour) so i have quite a few vinyls. Some i found secondhand on gumtree others i bought - i try to buy secondhand a lot more because vinyl's are £20+ each and it's very expensive in comparison to buying CD's. I have shown some of my favourite vinyls including Bastille, Simon & Garfunkel, Haim, MGMT, Kodaline and Dexys Midnight Runners.

This is a little storage unit i got from IKEA a few years ago. I've placed a large mirror on it and a few plants and candles. In the little slots i have two black storage boxes and with the open spaces i have filled them with folders, books and a box for my makeup! (How cute it my pug hip-flask!)

I have a white chest of drawers with my TV on the wall above it. I have my record player, some cacti, fake flowers from ikea, my macbook and a few books.

Ah, my trusty bookcase! This is only half of my bookcase but it is mostly in colour order (i was really bored one day okay!) But my middle self is assigned for my CD's and Teen Vogue/Seventeen magazines! The picture on the right is a close up of my chest of drawers area there are books such as Wreck this journal, The polaroid book, Lauren Conrad - Style, The Fault in Our Stars and Demi Lovato's book.

My beautiful polaroid camera! - i am so tempted to put stickers all over it like those cute ones from Tumblr but i like the plain effect too. I bought this from Argos! 

I have a little book (also from Argos) to store my polaroid pictures in - the pic on the right is one of my pugs Healy when he was a little tiny puppy in february, he's one in December how time flies! Funfact: Kaytee took that picture and in it he is peeing on my bed and we didn't know, it was annoying at the time but now i can't help but laugh at it.

Here he is now! I don't have a picture on my laptop atm of my other beautiful pug but i will definitely show you guys her next post!!

If there is anything you want and want to know where it's from feel free to ask in the comments or even email me at!!

Leave me a comment below on what your room is like or how it represents you!

I feel like mine represents me because it is filled with books, pictures and my favourite colour! I'm eventually going to do a polaroid picture section on my wall but i'm just waiting to get more pictures!

 Rebecca x

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