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£9.99 Real Techniques Gift Set???

5 May 2016
Whilst I was out shopping for my sisters birthday present my eye happened to wander across a sign saying that a 5 piece brush set by Real Techniques was only £9.99! 

Everyone knows that sometimes Real Techniques brushes can cost nearly £10 by themselves so a whole set for a tenner was a deal I had to have - Regardless of the budget i'd set for myself that day. 

These brushes are not only a bargain but soft and perfect for any makeup look, they come with a perfect on the go pouch to store the brushes in too as well as two exclusive brushes.

The set includes:

  • Multi task brush perfect for powder, blush and bronzer.
  •  A tapered foundation brush for foundation or contour
  • Angled highlighter for contouring again or highlighting
  • Base shadow brush perfect for eye shadow
  • Fine liner brush for lipstick or eyeliner!
I got mine from Gordon's Chemist and there is link to them below as well as Amazon if you wanted to check these beauties out!

That's it from me for this post! 

I thought i'd just let everyone in on this amazing deal I saw as well as say hi! How has everyone's May been so far? Let me know in the comments below as well as commenting if you like Real Techniques and some of your favourite brushes.

Over and out,

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