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27 September 2015

Hey guys! 

I know what you're thinking - she's alive!!! This past while i've found it hard to blog/pluck inspiration this is mostly because of me having a lot of health problems lately. Now, I made this blog with no intentions of being dishonest because if you're going to put yourself out there on the internet you either go all out or you simply don't! I haven't been dishonest I just wanted to clear that up that anything you read from me is 100% honest but i do want to talk about mental health a lot on my blog. Mental health is still a taboo subject to talk about and i feel like that this generation are going to be the ones to change that. 

I have anxiety and depression and have suffered with these since around the age of 12 so I am pretty accustomed to dealing with them! But lately my mental health has suffered a couple of setbacks - I have very painful back spasms which i have medication for so they're now under control but i was also suffering with horrendous stomach pain/spasms that radiated to my back. I have a fear of doctors; in my mind i always feel like i'm bothering them even though it's their job and a lot of the time you only get bad news from the doctor but with my stomach pain getting worse i had to seek the help of my local gp! I did and I am currently awaiting an appointment to get an ultrasound on my stomach (no im not pregnant!) but i have a suspected gallbladder problem which may lead to it getting removed; I know what fun!

Okay,  so now we've got that out the way back to my actual blog! I'm going to run with the lines of mental health and taking care of ourselves so here are some tips to help out with our down days!

A long but rewarding road

  • If you are ever having issues that you need to vent about don't feel like this isn't normal or feel bad about it. Because venting is normal - we all need to release the feelings we hold inside and bottling up our emotions isn't good for us in fact it can make mental health problems worse. Talking about your problems is hard ... really hard but once you've opened up to at least one person you'll find it easier to tell the next person!
  • Drink more water and sit up straight
  • Sit outside more - enjoy the sunlight, bright a book or even a piece of paper and draw or write
  • Always find 'me' time. Find a quiet space and just breathe and gather your thoughts. Make sure to sit up straight and focus on your breathing and nothing else, be peaceful. 
  • Start a routine - this can be so annoying and hard at first but once you have a routine you'll feel like you're filling your days up more. Wash your face, brush your teeth, make a great breakfast, catchup on the news, check facebook/blogs/tumblr/instagram and then do something creative or spend time with someone you love!
  • Look in the mirror and remind yourself all that you've been through and how far you've come. 
  • Congradulate yourself - you have survived this far. You have been made into your own person with your own personality and amazing quirky features that make you different to everyone else out there. Cherish those! You don't give yourself enough credit. 
  • If you're hungry - eat, If you're angry - write, If you're lonely - call someone, email me, blog about your feelings, Tired? - SLEEP! 
  • Everyone experiences mental health problems differently and recovery can take time!
  • Learn a hobby and spend a lot of time on something you enjoy!
  • Make yourself get up and be productive as hard as that is.

These aren't automatic saviours and it can take a lot of time to give yourself the credit you deserve. Just remember you're on a journey and it's going to have a lot of ups and it's going to have a lot of downs but you've got to remember you're strong enough to get through anything bad that's going to happen. You've already done it before and each time you've gotten stronger and stronger!

I know this was a really 'wordy' post and i know a few of you probably won't like that but i just wanted to put some little self-help tips out there as mental health is very real and a lot of people turn to the internet in times of loneliness and sadness and i was once one of them. Sometimes i still do! I'm not fully there yet but i know i will be soon and that's something to smile about. I just celebrated my 19th birthday and made a promise to myself to try be more positive about myself and my outlook on life and it's starting to help me. You can't be happy everyday and that's okay! If anyone wants to talk to me feel to contact me i'm always here !
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